Hey Woozens!
Woozens, it’s time to come together and plan the capture of ShamWooz! During our Woozlympic Games he attempted to mess up everything we had planned (but, thanks to you woozens, he never succeeded!). Now his reign of confusion has gone on too long!  It’s time to call… WOOZBUSTERS! *plays intro music*

All through camp, ShamWooz disrupted our fun and tried to frighten us away, and now he’s gone a
step further!  ShamWooz has cast spells on trees, flowers and even insects to scare us into leaving WoozWoodz Camp. But we know you woozens aren’t too scared to help us get rid of ShamWooz, so we are inviting you to join our WoozBusters team! You will see possessed plants and insects popping up around Woozworld, and we need your help to break the spell cast upon them!  It’s time to solve the mystery of ShamWooz once and for all!
Today (Tuesday, August 14th), MaxWooz will be checking out your ShamWooz ghost-catching Unitz.  We hope to capture ShamWooz and question his motives – why he is trying to turn us away from WoozWoodz Camp?  Who is he, really? Is he GoodOldWooz’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather? We hope someone will be able to capture him and help us answer these burning questions!
With the help of Nikki-Ashley, MaxWooz was able to gain access to ShamWooz’s memory!
Every time you see nature under the ShamWooz spell, do your best to break the sway of his power!
Good luck woozens!  We’re counting on you!
You Woozband