Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Camp WoozWoodz

Hey Woozens!
WoozWoodz CampAfter traveling around the world, we have one more journey in our summer of fun… It’s time to head to camp! This year marks the 500th anniversary of WoozWoodz Camp, the perfect summer sleep-away campground for woozens! Founded by GoodOldWooz’s great-great-great-grandfather in the heart of the lovely WoozWoodz, the Camp has been bringing smiles to woozens’ sunburnt faces for years. This year, in honor of the anniversary and the Summer Olympic Games, WoozWoodz Camp is hosting the Woozlympics! We’ll be playing games inspired by Olympic events, including relay racing, synchronized swimming, and more! And of course we have such classic camp activities as canoeing, creative writing, and maybe even T-shirt design! Your Woozband will be staying in WoozWoodz as Camp Counselorz this summer, and are inviting all woozens along for endless summer adventures! In the spirit of the Olympics, the Woozband members have each formed their own team: Mya and the Phoenixz, Jay and the Dragonz, Jenny and the Pegasuz, and Max and the Trollz! Each of you woozens will chose one team, and any points you gain the various Woozlympics events will go towards that team’s total.
On August 1st, the Woozband will honor the opening of WoozWoodz Camp with a huge campfire celebration. Pack up your backpack, roll up your sleeping bag, spray on some sunscreen – and don’t forget the marshmallows!
It’s time to pile in the bus for WoozWoodz Camp… We’re off to the Woozlympics!

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