Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Articles from woozens

Articles from Woozens

ShamWooz: Evil Guy or Lonely Ghost? by misscutie176We all know about ShamWooz. And I bet a bunch of you think he is evil. But we don’t know that for sure! He could just be a lonely guy. The Woodz we used for camp could have been his home, and we just went and destroyed it. He could just be to shy to come to us and talk. Maybe if we shared the Woodz, we could all become friends, and welcome him into Woozworld!
True, he could be evil, but we never know until we find out! I’m sure we just need to ask him why the Woodz is so important to him, we could find out about him. Everyone deserves a chance. Although he looks a little different than all of us, we should still give him a little respect!
ShamWooz, Woozworld welcomes you!
Woozworld on Facebook by Cupcake37Hey Woozens do you have a Facebook? :O If so please Like the Woozworld Facebook page! Why, you ask? Well I’ll tell you why :).
If 50,000 Woozens like the page then everyone who liked the page will receive an exclusive #1 Fan shirt for their woozen! Cool right?
Well that’s not all. They’ll even select 25 lucky woozens that will get a  #1 Fan trophy!
That’s not all. This one last thing I’m going to tell you will blow your mind! 1 extremely lucky winner will get to spend 30 minutes with their favorite Woozband member! Full 1-on-1 time with your favorite Woozband member!
Remember all this can happen if you Like Woozworld on Facebook and enter the contest (be sure to read the rules carefully)! Thank you so much!  xoxo – Cakes :)
Sushi Tips by KatanyaHi Woozens!
Have you checked out the newest Adventurz? If you are stuck on sushi making, here are some tips.
1. Check out the orders. What ingredient goes first? Maybe that is the order in which you stack them…
2. You need to gather the ingredients. The salmon and the avocado need to be clicked on rapidly. It will cut them into the right size. But be quick about it!
3.  You will notice that there is a plate or bowl under each banner. The foods you make will be served on these platters.
4. All you need to do for the first banner is stack the ingredients.  One of the other banners will need the same method.
5. One food will need to be deep-fried.
Those are my tips for sushi making. Good luck!

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