Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jay's Birthday

Sup Woozens!
Yo, last week was off the hook!  We found out so much crazy stuff about ShamWooz, thanks to the memory UnitzMax was able to recover and the clues you WoozBustingwoozens found!  Before we found out that ShamWooz was an ancient shaman with a mission to protectWoozworld, we heard some crazy rumors about him!  Some woozens thought he was friends with our enemyZackWooz.  Some woozens said he was evil, but some just thought he was scared and lonely.  Some even said that ShamWooz was my dad, but I promise you my dad isn’t 500 years old! LOL.
Even though we’re still trying to figure out exactly what ShamWooz is protecting Woozworld from, I can’t concentrate on that because I’m so pumped about my bday on Friday!  The Woozband is planning a super awesome party (cuz I’m a super awesome dude LOL), and of course we want to see all you woozens there!  I was brainstorming all weekend for the perfect theme, one we haven’t used before, because I want this party to be the ultimate epic-ness.  And I finally decided: CRAZY CARNIVAL MASQUERADE.  Man, woozens, wait til you see the crazy cool masks Mya designed!  Under the light of the full moon, we want to see all you woozens come correct in crazy costumes at 6:30 PM WT on Friday!  I’m so psyched and busy preparing I can’t even sleep!
The only thing that can distract me from birthday prep is the What the Wooz?! talk show today!  The epic pop-culture show will air twice today to allow all y’all woozens to participate.  There’s so much to discuss… I’ll see y’all there yo!
Catch you at 4PM or 7PM Woozens!  And don’t forgot… party of the year Friday at 6:30 PM WT!
Stay fly,

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