Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mya's Trend Tracker

Mya's Trend Tracker!

Hey Woozens! Welcome to my new weekly blog segment: Trend Tracker! I’ve been getting a ton of questions on what I think about the new outfits and what inspires me to design them, so I thought I’d share it with all of you here! ;)
The inspiration of this outfit came from these pictures I found on the internet. The first one is actually normal bracelets that I transformed into ankle bracelets for the swim outfits. I love the hand made feel of the friendship bracelet and the wood of the beads! It feels very organic and something you could wear everyday without worrying if it got dirty or soaked in water.
The second inspirational image is this classy hairstyle! I’m a huge fan of up dos, but I feel like they’ve gotten a rep of being too formal. No way! Your messy bun can totally be casual if you use simple hairbands.
The inspiration for the lifeguard outfit was… well lifeguards! LOL handsome, handsome lifeguards! ;) These brave men and women make sure we are safe while splashing at the pool or at the beach. I really wanted the outfit to have tiny floaters to complete the look. I think it’s adorable!
And what am I wearing you ask?
I’m feeling an island vibe in this outfit! I have a double headband for an easygoing hairstyle and a matching tankini top and skirt. But my favorite piece of this whole outfit is the flower sarong! It’s just so beautiful! I decided to layer it on top of the skirt for a unique look ;)
I topped the whole outfit off with bangle bracelets and these one of a kind jewelled ankle charms! It’s a bit chic for the beach, so I’d take off the ankle charms before dipping into the water if I were you! ;)
Now I gotta go back to planning next week’s outfits!
Stay fashionable Woozens! ;)
- Mya

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