Friday, 10 August 2012

Whoop Whoop, There ya go ;D

Schedule for August 13th to August 17th
MondayWoozlympics: Maze Challenge11:00 AM WTMaxWooz
MondayWoozlympics Closing Ceremony1:00 PM WTall Woozband
MondayWhat the Wooz?! talk show4:00 PM WTMaxWooz
TuesdayDiscussionz with Jenny1:00 PM WTJennyWooz
TuesdayDiscussionz with Jenny7:00 PM WTJennyWooz
WednesdayWoozSportz Weekly4:00 PM WTJayWooz
WednesdayJay’s Freestyle Hour7:00 PM WTJayWooz
ThursdayMax’s Game Show1:00 PM WTMaxWooz
ThursdayMax’s Game Show7:00 PM WTMaxWooz
FridayMya’s Style Update4:00 PM WTMyaWooz
FridayMya’s Late Night Show7:00 PM WTMyaWooz

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