CutestCouple of the Week

Aeromeda and chrisbrown23 are this weeks' cutest couple :PP
Hey, everyone. I thought it would be fun to add a cutest couples page to the blog. It's a lot of cute couples out there in woozworld that don't get noticed with all this talk about the ''famous'' woozens, so I'm giving you your chance. Message LilGanstaChick on woozworld (if u cant find me search Jemma22 and find me on hot friends) and lemme know you wanna be featured and heres how:

First: Just give me the name of your album you want me to look in
Second: Have a pic of you and ur boo thang in there ready for me to pick from OR you can pick which one you  want me to pick ;)

Cya soon ~Lil Chicky  


  1. Aero is cool, but I met Chris and he's mean!! :(

  2. awww there so freaking cute :)
    lightergirl (:

  3. they do look like the cutest couple

  4. They are really cute together!

    -Anistashia1808 from woozworld

  5. i think nightbomber and treetie is the cutest couple ever help them get back together

  6. I love this I stumbled upon it...

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  8. I feel like vomiting, not from this website.. just from -vomits-