Tuesday, 31 July 2012


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WoozWoodz Camp

Do you fashionistas were at the WoozWoodz Camp?? And did you saw Mya Wooz Changing her outfit?
Yeah that's right! The WoozWoodz Collection coming! But isn't it strange that Jenny and Mya have the same hairs? We will see! And don't forget to chose your team: Jay - Dragonz Team, Max - Trollz Team, Mya - Pheonixz Team and Jenny - Pegasus Team.


Camp has Come!!

The new woozworld camp is here and guess what's coming with it besides the amazing new outfits? The woozlympics!!! Each week we will get to compete with out team to earn points. 3pts-gold,2pts-silver,1pt-bronze. How do you know what team you're on?!?!?! YOU PICK IT!! everyone can view all the teams tomorrow before they pick. You can either be apart of: Trollz-Max. Dragonz-jay, Phoenixz-mya, or Peguaus-jenny. kind of reminds me of the huger games LOL. The forst woozlympics comptition is This thursday and guess what sport? SWIMMING!!! so grab your swimsuits and chill with your team. And just like the London olympics ofcourse there is a opening cereomony TOMORROW!!! Whos team are you on?Who will win? Find out during the woozlympics!!!


~Meet  D910 ~

Woozen Name: D910

Favourite Colour: Red, Black and Gold

Favourite Music: Selena Gomez and the Scene

Favourite Food: Chinese

Favourite Animal: N/A

Favourite Movies: The Amazing Spiderman

Favourite Books: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: x) + -.-

Usual Woozworld Hangout: Anywhere

Likes: COD, MW3, Selena Gomez, Woozworld, club penguin, tv, doing pranks, annoying twin brother, liking in bed.

Dislikes: All food except Chinese 0-0 but I eat it xD

Interests: Blogging and glitching x)

Sorry about where it is and the colour I'm still earning the Blog

Camping Time!!!


Meet the Team

~Meet  Nonii ~

Woozen Name: NoniiSmile

Favourite Colour: Red, White, Black

Favourite Music: Hmm.. PoP xD

Favourite Food: Chocolate Ice Cream *.*

Favourite Animal: Cats, Dogs, Chinchillas ;D

Favourite Movies: Pretty Little Liars ;D

Favourite Books: Persey Jackson and the Olympians xP

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: =D

Usual Woozworld Hangout: Hot Places, Prom ;D

Likes: Listening to music, Singing, Drawing, Playing WoozWorld, Hanging out with firends ;d

Dislikes: Idiots ;dd and eggs '.'

Interests: Drawing, Singing and Having fun ;))

Newest Members

oki so im sure most of u saw ma post abt the ''heads up'' and we are SUPER HAPPY you wanna join the blog but there isnt any room right now :/ in fact we closed the join page til further notice. but feel free to add any one of us on wzw and talk or go into chat with the team page or ill see if they wanna put out e-mails on the site so u can contact us that way. But we love u guys and welcome to 2 newest members D910 and NoniiSmile!!! (i dnt have pictures of them yet so....just stare at their names xD )
Hey guys! D910 here just after joined :). So I'm not sure what I will be blogging about yet but as soon as I find out I will let you know! So thank you guys for making me a part of the team x) thank you! -D910

Heads Up


Just a heads up I don't think we will be adding any more new members. We have 2 invited still out there that need to be answered. But we really want to thank you for coming to our blog as much as you do and we luff you all so much!!! ~ty


I haven't been writing so much,because I have a little problem about my account,but thanks to lil she help me out! :)
I'll be writing as soon as possible :)
I just want to say 'Hello' to all who ever come to this blog :) keep visting this blog!! so yeahh!! cyaa guys around! xoxo


Join Us?

Want to join the Fever site? Fill out the form, or simply let me (Jemma22) know! I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

A Note to the other members of this site: Please do not change the backgrounds and the look of the blog yet, I'm working on something to make this look extra special! :)

10o0 Views!

Hey guys!

Thanks for getting us to 1,000 views, it means a lot to us!!

~Jemma :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

Hey WoozWorld Fever

 I am so happy about joining WoozWorld Fever!!!!! I will always have the best time of my life!!!!


Hye!!! :)

 I am a new Member of WoozWorldFever!!! I hope wait I mean I will always have a good time!!!!! I will always be checking and checking every single day!!

Over 900 Views!

The 1000th view is near! At this rate we will have 1000 views sometime this week. Thnx for everyones support. Dont forget to tell ur friend about the sight so we can reach our 1000th view <3


Check out this weeks' cutest couple :PP

New members :)

New members soon to be added :0 be on the look out (and if u sent on in already u might have to send in another one cause the form changed a lil bit and got redirected to another e-mail) xD

FeverGirlz :)

Lil :)
Jemma :)

Voli :)
Bubblie :)

Camp Counslors?!?!?

GUESS WHAT'S NEXT UP IN WZW...CAMP!!!!!! now that the around the world thing is over the animators decided we going to camp!!!! This not a lie mya said it herself at her latenight show :PP(IK IM LATE POSTING THIS :pp) sO BE ON THE LOOK OUT MONDAY FOR SOME CAMP FILLED ADVENTURES!!! AND MYA MAX JENNY AND JAY R ALL THE CAMP COUNSLORS!!!

Sunday, 29 July 2012


well, sence we have the new chatbox as a PAGE iIm guessing not many people know about out it, so this Saturday I wanna have a circle chat gives you guys time to get to know us better and vise versa, and never know what might happen, so just click that CHAT WITH THE TEAM page and well...chat with the team :)


700 VIEWS!!!! :) our blog is moving along slowly but its getting there :0 ty to all the viewers that check the blog and tell ur friends :PP if we hit 1000 views we might do something big to celebrate, 1000 views might not seem like much but its a big deal to us xD

New Pages

Check out the to new pages to get hailarous jokes and the other one to chat with the team

*Sorry Deadline :PP

lol when i saw this pic of me i just HAD to post it sorry for taking it tho deadline 0-0 it was just so cue i could resist

GIF of the day!

GIF OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woozworld Unit Art


Protesting againt the Protest

0-0 this protest is going overboard, I understand you guys think we should have the old trade back and the old wzw world back and i agree we should have the old trade back. But people are being banned left and right about this protest and if you ask me it isn't worth it, I can honestly say i don't think the old wzw will be coming back but I was at an Unannounced latenight show with mya and she talked about how there are scammers scamming peple out of wooz when they they say: put 9999 wooz and confirm fast and that's how much wooz you get. They can see the post they just don't comment on them they know your being scammed and they don't want that to happen so they took the wooz and beex trade away. They did what you asked for, they stopped the scammers. Now they they took away the wooz and beex in trade your mad well here's a thought. STOP SCAMMING you blame them when it's really our fault for not reporting the scammers weather they scammed you or u saw someone being scammed,we let the scammers scam and this is what happened. So yes I'm a protester against the protest.

*For the Viwers

Hey viewers i wanna play a game xD. It's kinda like how people do with the queue at the woozband eventz (ex: pc me and winner gets...) oki so to play all you have to do is: read the questions below and msg me on woozworld or e-mail me (mrstigger1998@yahoo.com) winner will get 150 wooz and a free clothing item (hair, top, bottoms,or shoes) of your choice and ill show you in trade so u can pick or I'll be happy to just buy you an outfit (nothing over 400 wooz) so here are the questions: (anyone is welcome to entry)

1: What's my second favorite colors?
2: Where was I born?
3: How old am I?
4: What's my favorite junk food?
5:How many brothers and sisters do i have?
6: Whats my favorite T.V show?
7: How long have I been on woozworld?
8: Whats my favorite kind of cookie?
9: Who is my celebrity crush?
10: What's my favorite sport?

Just seperate your answers with a '','' and you don't have to put the question again this is easy as pie :) and if you have any questions leave them in the comments, the person (people) with the most correct answers wins (only 2 winners so HURRY) andGOODLUCK

Saturday, 28 July 2012


New Interview!!!


Friday, 27 July 2012



Woozworld Schedule

Schedule for July 30th to August 3rd
MondayWhat the Wooz?! talk show11:00 AM WTJayWooz
MondayWhat the Wooz?! talk show (repeat)7:00 PM WTJayWooz
TuesdayMax’s Game Show1:00 PM WTMaxWooz
TuesdayMax’s Game Show7:00 PM WTMaxWooz
WednesdaySpecial Event TBA!4:00 PM WTall Woozband
WednesdayJay’s Freestyle Hour7:00 PM WTJayWooz
ThursdaySpecial Event TBA!11:00 AM WTJennyWooz
ThursdaySpecial Event TBA!4:00 PM WTJennyWooz
ThursdayDiscussionz with Jenny7:00 PM WTJennyWooz
FridaySpecial Event TBA!11:00 AM WTMyaWooz
FridaySpecial Event TBA!4:00 PM WTMyaWooz
FridayMya’s Late Night Show7:00 PM WTMyaWooz

meet bubbliecheese

Woozen Name: Bubbliecheese

Favourite Colour: Neon Green!!!

Music: Big Time Rush

Favourite Food: Meatloaf!

Favourite Animal: Monkeys!

Favourite Movies: Monsters Inc, The School Of Rock!!

Favourite Books: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Dork Diarys

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: 0.0

Usual Woozworld Hangout: Any of mai eventz

Likes: ART!! Woozworld, and Kendall Schmidt!

Dislikes: Poop

Interests: I LOVE GOING TO MODELING AUDITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hai! Im new to Woozworld Fever! And I'm so excited to join!!! Plz add meh on woozworld! mai username is: bubbliecheese Thx Bai!!!!!



Thursday, 26 July 2012

AwoozingRace Answers

Rome Quiz!
6-Julius Caesar
Hope this helps u guys!
Good Luck!!!

Cutest Couple of the Week :PP

Hey guys just wanna show u who I think is the cutest woozworld couple :PP Looo0oool and lovelylily10. Im friends with both of them but idk them that well lol. In fact Looo0oool just had a birthday so if you see him around woozworld tell him Happy B-day lol. :PP '.'
(if you wanna be published as cutest couple message me on wzw and have a pic ready in ur album)

~Meet ℓιℓgαηgѕtα¢нι¢к~

~Meet ℓιℓgαηgѕtα¢нι¢к~

Woozen Name: LilGangstaChick

Favourite Colour: purple

Music: any kind

Favourite Food: stuffed chicken

Favourite Animal: monkey

Favourite Movies: 3pic movie, Not another teen movie, all the bring it on movies,Friends with Benifits, Just go With it (i watch alot of tv)

Favourite Books: The Giver

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: '.'

Usual Woozworld Hangout: depends on who im with

Likes: being weird, singing, writing poems, making short stories, playing woozworld, blogging, watching tv,hanging with my friends, partying, hanging with my family, anything to do with fashion

Dislikes: being hit on by random guys, boring people,

Interests: meeting weird people, random searches on google, finding new thingy things to do, taking picturs of my friends, being weird, fashion

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Old Trade

Oki guys im a little tired of everyone saying they want the old trade back there's a reason they took it away. An in my opinion its because there are alot of people being scammed in the trade. When someone gets scammed cuz someone said ''put 9999 wooz and hit confirm real fast and u get that much wooz'' and some ppl actually did it they would get mad and post on the woozband wall about it. And i guess they got tired of seeing tham and having everyone yell at them so they took away the wooz and beex options in the trade so plz STOP yelling at them for taking it away and yell at thos who scammed

No More Trading Wooz & Beex?!

Heey! :)

It's Jemma here and Ima tell you something shocking.. and annoying =.=

Guess what Woozworld got rid of?

Being able to trade beex &amp; wooz!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOO

So many people are complaining about this, and it's really annoying everybody.

There's proof all over the Animators walls. If I were you, I wouldn't bother, since the Animators don't reply anyway..

So, do you like this decision? I don't, and I hope Wzw brings it back!

Crazy Text Generator - Satisfaction.com


AwoozingRace Answers

Here are the answers to the Awoozing Race Moscow:
1. Russia
2. Kremlin
3. Moskva
4. 1980
5. Basil
7. Lenin
8. Ostankino Tower

Prize: Jay's Passport Wuzzle Piece #2

Contest :PP

Lol i been kinda trippin off wat my first actually post should be and what better to day than...PUT UP A CONTEST!!!!! CONTEST ENDS ON 7/30/12 oki so im real big on coming up with stories and writing poems so...y not oki so all u gotta do is (prize is 100 wooz :PP) :

1:e-mail me your woozen name and your poem or short story
2: Select a topic. Topics you can write about are: Woozworld, The blog, Your favorite thing, or something/one that means alot to you xD

Thx LUFF YOU ~LilGanstaChick


Hey everyone!

You got us to 200 views! It doesn't sound like a lot but it means lots to us, so thank you so much! :)

Anyway, have you met our newest member? No? Look down! She's the newest member of the team, so welcome her!

Thank you again, have a great Woozday!


Newest Member xD (About me)

Name: LilGanstaChick
Favorite color: purple
Favorite food: stuffed chicken
Favorite activity: basketball
Favorite woozworld activity: Hanging with my friends
...lol i cant really think of thing i should tell u abt ma self right now but ill add more to this l8r

*-* TTFN-LilGanstaChick

Monday, 23 July 2012

New Star of the Week!

Mya has chosen...

the star of the week...

to be...


Congratulations Rossikins! (What a bright outfit he has.. XD And no face! Lol)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Awoozing Race Answers!

Hi Wooooooozens!

I have finally been bothered to put up the Awoozing Race Answers.

Go check out the new page if you need to!


Old Pictures!

I stumbled upon an old picture of the Woozband!

A picture taken from way back then (Or should I say a couple of years ago?) when we had no makeupz or really good looking clothes.


XD XD XD Remember when Mya had a light skin tone? And when both Jay and Max wore the the same face? And when every girl wanted pom pom ballerines? Haha.

Good old times..

Jemma22 - OUT!

Spam and Lag



What's spam mean??? It's annoying somebody!

No.. just kidding..

The real definition: Sending the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet.

So, you get it now? So many people are spamming on walls on the Woozin, even if they don't know it!

You may be spamming if you copy and paste something like... "Wouldn't it be cool if Woozworld didn't block..." "I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away.." See? That stuff!

It isn't really necessary, and it's making Woozworld go slow and lag!

Some of us can't even get into the World now, for lots of reasons! So many fake account, for example.

Since somebody came up with the idea of "Banks" a while back (Where you vote 10 for 20 wooz, etc), people have been making lots of new fake email and Woozworld accounts so they can vote more and get more wooz!

This is really annoying. If Woozworld has too many fake accounts, it gets laggy, and no one likes a laggy website.

Anywhooz... hope you liked this quick post! (It's my 4th post for the night! XD)

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x3

Drama On The Woozin!

There's a bit of drama going on in the Woozin! A bit of a rival..!!

Who is the cause of this rival? BlazeWing.

BlazeWing is a Woozen on Woozworld, just like us, but he does have a bit of a sick mind.

He likes Aeromeda! He is trying to convince her to break up with Chris and get with him! It is really annoying the brains out of all of us! Especially Aero herself, Chris, Aero's close friends and us - her fans! But the good thing is that Aero's not budging one bit! Aero loves Chris, and I think they have a really good relationship. No fights or anything! :D

Blaze could be bluffing. He could be doing it for attention, which brings us to our next topic...

Rude Names

Were you on the Woozin earlier? Did you happen to see a Woozen name that caught your eye? (I don't mean it like that, guys! XD) A name like.. NoBlacksAllowed, GirlsAreUgly, IWillF---U, and names like that? I don't know about you, but I've seen a lot.

If you see these people, report them, if you can, because if they keep getting reported, Woozworld will notice, and ban the person. I know people say reporting people does nothing, but we must be thorough and straight forward when we report someone.

And obviously, they are just doing this for attention. Simple. Pure. Attention. And what do we do? We give them that attention. We can't help it though - we don't like their names!

Hopefully Woozworld will get a bit better with letting new Woozen's pick out their names, and improve the word filters!


Articles from Woozens: Anti-Bullying Organization

Hey people!

A while ago, I got a free tshirt, to support a group against bullying. I joined, for that reason!

I didn't actually see Puddie88's (The founder.) article in the Woozpaper (Vol. 115) until yesterday!

Here's her post!

Anti-Bullying Organization by Puddie88

Dear Woozworld, I have come up with an anti-bullying organization that has to do with wearing a neon purple smiley tee. My idea is that the more people that wear the tee, the fewer bullies there are in woozworld! I didn’t know who to send this to so I sent it to you guys. I hope you visit my unitz called “Puddie88′s Anti-Bullying Club.”

I hope you like my idea,

Puddie88 from woozworld

Hope you guys like her idea, because I know I do!

Quote It!

A few words from the Animators!

Max: I’m really excited to continue the Awoozing Race into Africa this week.  I’ll be showing you Woozens around Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar!  Hopefully we’ll see some funny lemurs! LOL

Hmm, Max's trying to be funny again, lol. Notice how animators (Who are probably actually adults xD) capitalize their lol's? And I hope Max doesn't meet any lemurs......... 0.0

Jenny: Of course, Jay threw another one of his famous BBQs to celebrate Fourth of July.  That guy really knows how to cook! But he’d be so embarrassed if we told anyone… Whoops! Looks like I just did XD

Nice, Jenny! I'd like to try Jay's cooking someday :P

More soon, guys!

What's Up In Woozworld This Week #1

Hi Woozens! Jemma here.

What's been up? Today, I watched Mya's Late Night show! It is sort of funny though, because it's a late night show and I always watch it in the mornings, considering I'm in a different time zone!

Guess who was at the show? (Besides Mya, of course :D) .......... Greyson Chance!

Don't know who he is? He's a young singer, and friends with Justin Bieber, I think! You may have seen the Greyson Chance unitz a while back or recently.

Anyway, as I took a picture of Greyson (While I was 500 in queue XD), I saw that he has a special face! Meaning, one that us Woozens can't buy. Exclusive much! (And as Jay would say.. LOL! XD) Cool style, Greyson!

Anywho, what else? ......... The Awoozing Race! I'm sure all of you (Or at least most of you.) have been having fun all week with the quizzes and such. They can be hard, unless you have the right knowledge, or Google it, or ask for help.

Awoozing Race outfits are a big hit! The African ones haven't been so popular, as I'm sure not everyone loves big (Or small.) "afros." Goodbye Americas! (Africa also brought us a new Woopetz! A FERRET! :D I bought one, coloured it orange and neon pink and named it LilayyXD)

New quizzes and place will be here too soon! I'm much looking forward to the Rome and London quizzes! Especially London, I can't wait for the European outfits!

But, to be honest, I am a bit behind with the quizzes. I'm too busy hanging out with my friends! Oh well, I should probably bother to do them before the Race ends!

Hmm, what else will be happening this week? Well, there's the What the Wooz?! show with Mya (Twice!), Max's usual game show, Woozsports Weekly, Jay's Freestyle, and Discussionz with Jenny!

Anyway, I should go, but more posts soon, so keep your eyes peeled!



P.S: Voila will not be on for a few days! I'm not sure, but I think she's gone on a trip! Good luck Voi!
P.P.S: Nice haircut, Mya! XD

Friday, 20 July 2012


Hey Woozens!

An exciting new thing has happened in Woozworld! They have added a beex area in the Shopz!

I've been waiting for this, and it is a great idea, as people with no wooz will be able to buy stuff wherever they are.

One of my favourites that has gone to beex is the Coach Cut - Female.

It used to be rare, and VERY hard to obtain, but now it won't be rare anymore since anyone will be able to buy it :) Only, of course, if you have 245 beex!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Woozworld Secrets

Hi all!

Today I will be talking about...  Woozworld Secrets!

What is Woozworld Secrets?

Woozworld Secrets is an app for iPods, iPhones, and iPads. I'm pretty sure you can only download them for Apples, which is sad, because I don't have one! XD

In the app, you cannot go into the World(What a shame!), but you can go on the Woozin and Shopz!

Speaking of the Shopz, if you have the app, you can download EXCLUSIVE clothing and stuff! That means stuff that others cannot buy from their computers and etc. But if you do buy the exclusive stuff, and sell them when you go into World, you can sell them! People that don't have the app will be looking out for people selling exclusive Secrets clothing, so you may make a good sale!


Well, if you're lucky enough to own an iPod, make sure you download this app!

By Jemma.

Jemma and Voi's Latest Photoshoot!

Latest pictures of Jemma and Voi!



We have the........

I'll put these up on the photos page soon!

More soon!

All Out! :(

As many of us know....... zombi legs and cheerleading hairs are ALL OUT in the Black Market!

It's a shame, really, because they were becoming Woozworld's new fashion craze.

ChuckNorris really needs to refill Black Market keys, zombi legs, and cheerleading hair big time!

I really hate the rest of the outfit XD The legs are okay :P

0.0 Secret Shots!

I stumbled upon Normi and crylove last week!

Secret shots... 0.0

 I spotted crylove and Normi completing the Banff quiz! :)

New Star of the Week!

Hey everybody!

This week's star is................


Congratz Runescape! XD


Hey guys, how are you liking the blog so far?

I know this is the first proper post, but the blog is looking good!

I'll add different photos to the photo page weekly, if I can.

Voi needs to get online! Haha.


Your faithful Woozen and blogger,



Hello, and welcome to Woozworld Fever!

This is a blog for - you guessed it! - Woozworld! Made by.. me, Jemma22!

I'm someone who loves playing Woozworld, as it obviously is the best game ever.

Here, me and my best friend, Voila, will be posting news, tips, help, Woozworld updates, information about eventz, fashion, and much, much more!

Thank you for coming and spread the word!

Have you got the Woozworld Fever?