Meet The Team!

~Meet  נєммα ~ GONE...

Woozen Name: Jemma22

Favourite Colour: Red, Mint green

Favourite Music: One Direction

Favourite Food: Potatoes

Favourite Animal: Monkeys and pandas :)

Favourite Movies: Narnia 1, 2, & 3

Favourite Books: The Chronicles of Narnia

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: '-'

Usual Woozworld Hangout: Ballroom, my neon purple Hangout '0' tent.

Likes: Playing Woozworld, blogging, Narnia, reading, writing, talking to friends, meeting friendly woozens, people who are kind and friendly, being crazy with friends, having random conversations, spreading the Word, shopping, music.

Dislikes: Tomatoes XD

Interests: None really xp

~Meet  νσιℓα ~ GONE...

Woozen Name: Voila887 (Add meh!! :D )

Favourite Colour: Blue & White

Music: Taylor Swift

Favourite Food: Pizza and pasta,well,basically anything that have cheese on it

Favourite Animal: Dogs!! especially puppies!! they are soo adorable!!

Favourite Movies: Peter pan,Madagascar 3

Favourite Books: Secret 7

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: XD

Usual Woozworld Hangout: Idk don't really have one

Likes: Drawing,reading,talking to some random people,hangout,music,writing

Dislikes: I can't think one now 

Interests: Drawing and Music

~Meet ℓιℓgαηgѕtα¢нι¢к~

Woozen Name: LilGangstaChick

Favourite Colour: purple

Music: any kind

Favourite Food: stuffed chicken

Favourite Animal: monkey

Favourite Movies: 3pic movie, Not another teen movie, all the bring it on movies,Friends with Benifits, Just go With it (i watch alot of tv)

Favourite Books: The Giver

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: '.'

Usual Woozworld Hangout: depends on who im with

Likes: being weird, singing, writing poems, making short stories, playing woozworld, blogging, watching tv,hanging with my friends, partying, hanging with my family, anything to do with fashion

Dislikes: being hit on by random guys, boring people,

Interests: meeting weird people, random searches on google, finding new thingy things to do, taking pictures of my friends, being weird, fashion

Woozen Name: Bubbliecheese
Favourite Colour: Neon Green!!!

Music: Big Time Rush

Favourite Food: Meatloaf!

Favourite Animal: Monkeys!

Favourite Movies: Monsters Inc, The School Of Rock!!

Favourite Books: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Dork Diary's

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: 0.0

Usual Woozworld Hangout: Any of mai eventz

Likes: ART!! Woozworld, and Kendall Schmidt!

Dislikes: Poop
Interests: I LOVE GOING TO MODELING AUDITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Meet Lea547d~

Woozen Name: Lea547d 
Favourite Color: Dark Purple

Music: Katy Perry

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Favourite Animal: Cats

Favourite Movies: Titanic, Breaking Dawn

Favourite Books: Zombie Chasers 1 2 3 

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: '.' 

Usual Woozworld Hangout: Animator Shows

Likes: Art Fashion Design and Video Games

Dislikes: People who scream at u for nothing

Interests: Playing Woozworld Drawing and Being Random '.'

 ~Don't forget to contact us if you want to join the crew!~