Interview With Woozen

Me: how long have you been on woozworld?
Woozen:I have been playing for around tree years now.

Me: Are you currently seeing anyone?
Woozen: My girlfriend is Veil. We have been together since around the beginning of the year.

Me:What's your favorite color?
Woozen:I have a favorite gray sweater so right now my favorite color is gray.

Me: What's your favorite woozworld activity?
Woozen: Since I have become famous, I spend most of my time answering messages, but I like to hang out in the Plaza when I can, which is rare.

Me: What do you like most about woozworld?
Woozen:What I like best about Woozworld is it is like a foreign county I can visit from my computer.

Me: Would do you think of yourself of famouse or just a normal wooz?
Woozen: With a ton of messages coming in all the time, I guess I am famous now. LOL.

Me: Now for the question I see most on your wall, What inspires your style?
Woozen:  What inspired my style? Other players have inspired my unit building style. The Woozband members that I have met were really nice and cool, they are my Woozworld role models and inspired the way I act around others in Woozworld. They inspired my personal style. In many ways, the player Pearlsnow has been an inspiration to me. Pearlsnow was the first super famous player in Woozworld. She is the one who wrote the book on being famous in Woozworld and she is a super nice person.

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  1. can i be famous this is sieeraxat send me a messege