Friday, 3 August 2012

Hey Guys!!!!

So I did an interview on someone else and here it is!!!

Interview with Ashley111p

Me: What is your name?
Woozen: Ashley111p

Me: What is your favorite color?
Woozen: I don't have one. I am a really colorful person.

Me: Do you have a nickname?
Woozen: ummm..... Ashy

Me: What do you think about WoozWorld
ashley: I Think that it is really cool. New things every week.

Me: Do you think WoozWorld has to change?
ashley: Umm... It depends because somethings are good and some things are bad.

Me: Do you like WoozWorld styles?
ashley: Oh definetly. The style is really cool

Me: What do you think about scamming and hacking?
ashley: I think its bad really bad. This morning a girl said she was having a wedding and she needed hair. She ask me that every week. People say on her Woozin that she scammed. I think Woozband has to deal with that.

Me: Do you have any Woozpetz? How many?
ashley: Yes. I have 12 Woozpetz.

Me: Do you like WoozWorld events?
ashley: Yes I do. There are a lot of them like MaxWooz's Game show, JayWooz's freestyle hour, and MyaWooz's Late Night Show. There are many cool events.

Me: Who is your favorite Animator?
ashley: JennyWooz. I think this because she is nice, has great style, always down to earth, and listens to Woozens. Thats why she is my favorite Woozen.

 Well thats the end!! I hope you liked it!!! Here is a picture of me and her!

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