Saturday, 21 July 2012

What's Up In Woozworld This Week #1

Hi Woozens! Jemma here.

What's been up? Today, I watched Mya's Late Night show! It is sort of funny though, because it's a late night show and I always watch it in the mornings, considering I'm in a different time zone!

Guess who was at the show? (Besides Mya, of course :D) .......... Greyson Chance!

Don't know who he is? He's a young singer, and friends with Justin Bieber, I think! You may have seen the Greyson Chance unitz a while back or recently.

Anyway, as I took a picture of Greyson (While I was 500 in queue XD), I saw that he has a special face! Meaning, one that us Woozens can't buy. Exclusive much! (And as Jay would say.. LOL! XD) Cool style, Greyson!

Anywho, what else? ......... The Awoozing Race! I'm sure all of you (Or at least most of you.) have been having fun all week with the quizzes and such. They can be hard, unless you have the right knowledge, or Google it, or ask for help.

Awoozing Race outfits are a big hit! The African ones haven't been so popular, as I'm sure not everyone loves big (Or small.) "afros." Goodbye Americas! (Africa also brought us a new Woopetz! A FERRET! :D I bought one, coloured it orange and neon pink and named it LilayyXD)

New quizzes and place will be here too soon! I'm much looking forward to the Rome and London quizzes! Especially London, I can't wait for the European outfits!

But, to be honest, I am a bit behind with the quizzes. I'm too busy hanging out with my friends! Oh well, I should probably bother to do them before the Race ends!

Hmm, what else will be happening this week? Well, there's the What the Wooz?! show with Mya (Twice!), Max's usual game show, Woozsports Weekly, Jay's Freestyle, and Discussionz with Jenny!

Anyway, I should go, but more posts soon, so keep your eyes peeled!



P.S: Voila will not be on for a few days! I'm not sure, but I think she's gone on a trip! Good luck Voi!
P.P.S: Nice haircut, Mya! XD

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