Sunday, 29 July 2012

Protesting againt the Protest

0-0 this protest is going overboard, I understand you guys think we should have the old trade back and the old wzw world back and i agree we should have the old trade back. But people are being banned left and right about this protest and if you ask me it isn't worth it, I can honestly say i don't think the old wzw will be coming back but I was at an Unannounced latenight show with mya and she talked about how there are scammers scamming peple out of wooz when they they say: put 9999 wooz and confirm fast and that's how much wooz you get. They can see the post they just don't comment on them they know your being scammed and they don't want that to happen so they took the wooz and beex trade away. They did what you asked for, they stopped the scammers. Now they they took away the wooz and beex in trade your mad well here's a thought. STOP SCAMMING you blame them when it's really our fault for not reporting the scammers weather they scammed you or u saw someone being scammed,we let the scammers scam and this is what happened. So yes I'm a protester against the protest.

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