Thursday, 26 July 2012

~Meet ℓιℓgαηgѕtα¢нι¢к~

~Meet ℓιℓgαηgѕtα¢нι¢к~

Woozen Name: LilGangstaChick

Favourite Colour: purple

Music: any kind

Favourite Food: stuffed chicken

Favourite Animal: monkey

Favourite Movies: 3pic movie, Not another teen movie, all the bring it on movies,Friends with Benifits, Just go With it (i watch alot of tv)

Favourite Books: The Giver

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: '.'

Usual Woozworld Hangout: depends on who im with

Likes: being weird, singing, writing poems, making short stories, playing woozworld, blogging, watching tv,hanging with my friends, partying, hanging with my family, anything to do with fashion

Dislikes: being hit on by random guys, boring people,

Interests: meeting weird people, random searches on google, finding new thingy things to do, taking picturs of my friends, being weird, fashion

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