Saturday, 21 July 2012

Drama On The Woozin!

There's a bit of drama going on in the Woozin! A bit of a rival..!!

Who is the cause of this rival? BlazeWing.

BlazeWing is a Woozen on Woozworld, just like us, but he does have a bit of a sick mind.

He likes Aeromeda! He is trying to convince her to break up with Chris and get with him! It is really annoying the brains out of all of us! Especially Aero herself, Chris, Aero's close friends and us - her fans! But the good thing is that Aero's not budging one bit! Aero loves Chris, and I think they have a really good relationship. No fights or anything! :D

Blaze could be bluffing. He could be doing it for attention, which brings us to our next topic...

Rude Names

Were you on the Woozin earlier? Did you happen to see a Woozen name that caught your eye? (I don't mean it like that, guys! XD) A name like.. NoBlacksAllowed, GirlsAreUgly, IWillF---U, and names like that? I don't know about you, but I've seen a lot.

If you see these people, report them, if you can, because if they keep getting reported, Woozworld will notice, and ban the person. I know people say reporting people does nothing, but we must be thorough and straight forward when we report someone.

And obviously, they are just doing this for attention. Simple. Pure. Attention. And what do we do? We give them that attention. We can't help it though - we don't like their names!

Hopefully Woozworld will get a bit better with letting new Woozen's pick out their names, and improve the word filters!


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