Saturday, 21 July 2012

Articles from Woozens: Anti-Bullying Organization

Hey people!

A while ago, I got a free tshirt, to support a group against bullying. I joined, for that reason!

I didn't actually see Puddie88's (The founder.) article in the Woozpaper (Vol. 115) until yesterday!

Here's her post!

Anti-Bullying Organization by Puddie88

Dear Woozworld, I have come up with an anti-bullying organization that has to do with wearing a neon purple smiley tee. My idea is that the more people that wear the tee, the fewer bullies there are in woozworld! I didn’t know who to send this to so I sent it to you guys. I hope you visit my unitz called “Puddie88′s Anti-Bullying Club.”

I hope you like my idea,

Puddie88 from woozworld

Hope you guys like her idea, because I know I do!

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