Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Meet the Team

~Meet  Nonii ~

Woozen Name: NoniiSmile

Favourite Colour: Red, White, Black

Favourite Music: Hmm.. PoP xD

Favourite Food: Chocolate Ice Cream *.*

Favourite Animal: Cats, Dogs, Chinchillas ;D

Favourite Movies: Pretty Little Liars ;D

Favourite Books: Persey Jackson and the Olympians xP

Favourite Woozworld Smiley: =D

Usual Woozworld Hangout: Hot Places, Prom ;D

Likes: Listening to music, Singing, Drawing, Playing WoozWorld, Hanging out with firends ;d

Dislikes: Idiots ;dd and eggs '.'

Interests: Drawing, Singing and Having fun ;))

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